AC City Builders - Company Profile

We build more than homes. We build values and relationships. We take pride in establishing close relationships with our customers and in working closely with you to achieve the best possible results. We are committed to providing quality workmanship and materials that is environmentally responsible. Combine years of experience with hundreds of successful client relationships and remarkable financial stability, our projects are masterpeices, a pride to own that spawn homesickness. Come and experience the transparency in transactions and relationships. Dedicated employees and our consistent attention to details allow us to guarantee all of our work. From our front office personnel through our project architects and project managers in the field, our seasoned professionals focus on taking the anxiety out of the home construction process. Stop in for a visit and make some new friends.

The Promoters of the company has got rich experience in construction industry. The reason for our acceptance among major builders is our commitment to quality, time and cost.. We never compromise on quality in materials and workmanship. These components helped us to cut down cost. Our after sales support complemented in getting more and more clients. In the role of a builder, we are fulfilling our social commitment to provide nests for a peaceful living style at an affordable price.

Our Team

A C Xavier (Shaji)

Managing Director of the company. He has got more than 26 years of experience in the construction industry as civil contractor. He has been working for other builders in Kochi and he has completed hundreds of residential and commercial projects. All our civil works are under his vigilant control. He is the key man behind timely completion of all our projects.

K Ramesh Das BSc.(Engg)

Director & Sr. Project Engineer - is controlling the technical aspects and quality assurance of our projects. He was Executive Engineer in PWD and has joined our team after retirement. He assures the quality of work and materials used under the guidelines of ISO standard. Project Engineers are reporting to him.

A C Martin (Jolly)

Director – He is running a company providing solutions for Foundation Engineering and Piling. Having more than 20 years of experience in the field, he has been working for major builders in Kerala and for Government/Department contracts. He is managing the foundation & piling work of the company.

A C Joseph

Director - He is the Managing Director of a Group Company, AC Infosys Pvt. Ltd., engaged in Software development and other IT related business.

A C Sabu

Director - He is a civil contractor. He is also doing civil contract job for other builders.

Our Difference

We use our own tools, equipments and employees from foundation to painting & finishing. There are no sub contractors in between. This helps us to maintain quality standards and to complete project on time. Besides, the margin derived out of doing away with the subcontracting system is being invested in quality and returned to customers instead of spoiling the Industry with a reduced price tag and other gimmicks.


Timely Completion of Projects

Commitment towards customers

Cost of Project

After Sales Service